Mahangu Weerasinghe



Hello! Welcome to my homepage. I’m Mahangu Weerasinghe, and I currently work as a Happiness Engineer at Automattic, the company behind I was once a high school English teacher, but now I spend most of my time helping people get the most out of WordPress.

I live in sunny Sri Lanka with my wife Anya, and our two puppies, Sirius and Vega. When I’m not reading or writing, you may find me running, or eating copious amounts of chocolate. I’ve been using WordPress since version 0.70, and I truly believe that it has and will continue to play an instrumental role in keeping the web free and open.

I have childhood onset fluency disorder, aka stuttering, and I’ve written about my experience with this on HeroPress, and I’m always happy to talk about my stuttering, so please drop me a line if you’d like to chat.